More about Esther! a true story

Esther! is based on the first half of Esther Olivares’s autobiography, Esther’s Nine Lives. I read it and immediately felt it would make an excellent graphic book. I found her inspiring, she was so much braver than I could ever hope to be. Esther stands up to bullying and injustice, without showing fear for the consequenses. And what consequenses there are…

I loved spending virtual time in Chile as I researched how it looked. Many things have changed since Esther was born in 1939, so I had to use archives to find what I needed sometimes. But much looks the same, such as the house where she spent her first years. The book is full of small detail to look out for, such as movie posters, ads etc which should be exactly how it was at the time. I very much enjoyed doing the research.

As an example, one of the characters is watching TV. I needed to know what she could have been watching, something which was true to time and location so I watched old ads from Chile in order to get the ad of ”Gifts For Mother” which so perfectly fits the mood of the story. Seriously good fun to do. Basically I have been lost, time travelling in Chile for the making of this book. I suggest listening to an old bolero to get in the spirit of things, put your feet up and join me in a true Chilean adventure.